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Books by Ayn

Memoir/self-help  -  'Memories From Childhood''  - In Part Four is a process to assist in awareness and release of limiting imprints and negative beliefs - available to order in soft cover and e-book through this site and also on Amazon, etc. 

 I believe in and admire the power and amazing resilience of women. I enjoy being a  woman. 

I am light-hearted,yet deep. Sophisticated yet childlike. Serious yet full of laughter. I workout and am physically fit yet like to be lazy at times. I eat healthfully yet love pizza and the likes. I am sexy and sensual, yet pure. I am intelligent, yet wacky. I enjoy the performing arts, movies, fine dining along with those great hole in the walls.
I am a great cook, but at times, don't want to cook at all. I hold myself to high morals and standards and admire this in others. I like one of the best in just about everything. Less is more except when it's not. I am a real romantic. I enjoy art, jewelry, flowers, chocolate, interior design, literature, philosophy, and talking about most everything.

Volunteering -I have worked with children and served in many levels promoting the arts. I am a conservative. I believe in the power, ingenuity, creativity and the will of the people and in a small government. I am a former ballet dancer, former interior designer, voracious reader, student of life, teacher, writer, screenwriter, self-proclaimed philosopher, searcher of meaning and looking for answers in the quest for my truth. I am basically a happy, positive person who expresses emotions as appropriate, but when pushed or over tired, I can explode in stress or sink into despair along with the best of them.

Through my experiences and trials, I have discovered the skills to recover to become better than I was before, because exploding internally in peace and outwardly in joy is my preference. But all feelings and emotions are to be embraced as all are needed to experience self at its fullest. Life happens and it is what you make of it.

 Or maybe, I am crazy but with many redeeming qualities. 

One of my girlfriends recently made a comment too good not to share. "Some are interested in facts, but I am interested in the truth."

Memoir-self-help - out now- available on this website or on Amazon, etc. learn to process your imprints and beliefs connected to them, in order to be free and at choice!!!

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