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Think About It


Clairvoyants, Psychics, Astrologers

by Ann

Going to predictors of the future can be fun and helpful at times. When feeling lost, they may be able to give clarity. Not disputing what any of them can offer, while sharing information from over twenty-five years of research and experience, definitions of what they are and how they differ:

Clairvoyants ‘see’ with the mind’s eye. Clairaudients ‘hear’ information, and clairsentients ‘feel’ things. 

Psychics rely on intuition. They tune into the energy vibrations around the subject to get information. Psychics are tuning into the probable, not the absolute. Energy may change by choice, others, and timing.

Astrologers give information based on the position of the planets and stars.  In a natal chart, at their exact time of birth, an individual becomes the center of the universe with planets and stars positioned around them. It’s a birthright of uniqueness and no one has a chart  like anyone else’s. Natal charts describe personality strengths, areas of growth, even past life influences. Major life challenges can be recognized by using astrology. Anyone can create a chart, but the most important part is interpretation. Interpretation is filtered through the belief system of the person, who’s giving the information. Individual perceptions decide how they interpret information received and given. Which may or may not, match the beliefs of the recipient. Problems may occur, when an individual, believes totally what’s told without question.

Example: a psychic tells a woman that a man with a lot of money is coming into her life. Well, what’s a lot of money to the psychic and what’s a lot of money to the woman may be very different?  A psychic tells a man, the woman he’s dating is perfect for him, while he’s desiring to end it. He’s the one who knows how he feels. The psychic might be seeing the situation through the lens of codependency. Or perhaps, the psychic feels something, he can’t and waiting a bit, the relationship becomes positive. 

A predictor can give clear insights about one thing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can about everything.  To believe that predictors can supply all answers creates addiction to trying to find out about  life through others rather than living. Living is how people grow, make decisions to adjust, energy to shift and probabilities to change.

Obviously, guides who are clear in mind, heart and intention will give more accurate information and interpretation, while holding the highest good as the guidepost. Knowledgeable, reputable psychics won’t interfere with an individual’s life path or instill fear. If a predictor creates fear or asks for extra money, in order to perform some sort of ritual of protection, flee and never return.

Intuitive abilities are written about in the bible and are gifts that we’ve always had access to, not some recent 'New Age' phenomenon.  Example: three wise men following the stars to the time and place of Jesus’ birth.

Emphasis is being put on foretelling the future with psychic hot lines that count on individuals becoming addicted. Fortunes are made off people giving their power away.  Some individuals are able to utilize these gifts more effectively than others for the same reason some of us can paint or sing and some can’t. We all have individual talents and strengths. Psychic ability used for its purest intent is one of the ways we can be close to our creator source, recognize individual gifts, and spiritual path. Reputable psychics will see an individual sparingly for the highest goal is for individuals to be reliable on self-intuition for their spiritual growth.

Always ask that  information be given directly from 100% light of the creator’s wisdom and that the guidance given, be for the highest good of all concerned. Listen, then filter it through your beliefs, process how it feels, but never turn your personal power over to anyone. 
            When one is open, the laws of the universe can direct us in many unexpected ways. There may very well be messages to guide us.

 But an individual creates their life and is in control of their destiny.  Spiritual information and guidance are ours for the asking in prayer, mediation, or when we are quiet and calm in spirit with the ability to change the outcome always available.

Perhaps, spiritual guides are only to remind us of what we already know. 


As I watched people rushing here and there as fast as they can, it prompted me to sit still and to write:

Time Is The Crime And The Clock Is The Crook

by Ann


          Time is everywhere yet nowhere, both invisible and indescribable. We continually question how and when it began, then how and when it will end? Time captivates, moving us to keep up with it, but nothing survives it. Marching on, can it ever be contained or stopped? 
'Man-made' time teaches that nothing is permanent while 'natural' time reaches into eternity. 'Natural' time is cyclical comprised of the sun, moon and planets as a flowing continuity. The yearly almanac is 'natural' being guided by these elements. Intrinsic are spring, summer, fall and winter
 just as is the time to be born, grow, harvest, and die.

Each day marks one rotation of the earth and is 'natural' including one sunset and sunrise per revolution. Except there’s no limit, in theory, as to the actual number of hours making up that day, or how many minutes we can choose to call an hour making this concept 'man created'.

            Before 1884, time was an arbitrary measure decided by individual localities. With the advent of continent spanning railroads and intercontinental steamers, the myriad of times became an obstacle making rational ordering of time an urgent priority. 'Man made' time was refined to make order out of chaos.

Sir Sandford Fleming, continuing to miss his trains, decided to see the world as whole and thus created a ‘Standard Time’ to which the world could move. The time frame was the ‘Victorian Era’, with the advent of progress in the industrial revolution, focusing on orderly productivity. Time became more labored.

        Unnatural is pushing the 'man-made' time clock as it was born out of practical use to society to help mankind have human control over random forces of nature.  Focusing too hard, trying to punch the clock of man, and forgetting the 'natural' time of God frustration abounds.  Rushing to keep up with or beat the clock each day, we scurry about in vehicles, using phones, computers, excetra. All invented to expedite the use of time. Yet, man can’t accelerate or define time. So, what is it that we’re really doing? Hurrying to gain what, to go where, while who, and what are we trying to beat - ourselves or 'natural' time?

        The natural process of creating, the intense experiencing of love or any emotion has the potentiality of appearing to momentarily alter time. One break in time with fully experienced emotion of either love, anguish, or joy and time seems to stand still. Being fascinated with the flow of creating. Be it a painting, music, writing, or any work of art and time ceases to exist,seeming to poise motionless, or pass too rapidly to matter. Lovers expressing intimacy, the energy of composing an aria, drawing a portrait, singing a song, or breathing in the beauty of nature and minutes go by uncounted.

         How best is it then to spend time? Is it by rushing here, there, everywhere, continually doing and doing more, being defined by how much we achieve on the earth plane and how many places we go quickly? Is it how best we can try to beat the clock that matters? Or is it by how many moments we capture into our hearts and memory by expressing emotion and being magically in the flow of creation?

        Many times out of confusion comes the explosion of creativity. That exact moment of creativity when time feels as if it stops, begins, or both?

        Arrest the 'man-made' crook of time, by flowing in natural time each day. Spend more time being still and in the moment. Time well spent as it will still be around when we are not, as time is of all creation.


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