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What If We Live Forever?

by Ann

Consider being born again and again – as an Italian, a Pakistani, a Jew, a person of color, rich, poor, intelligent, or challenged. What if, we come back repeatedly, to every physical and emotional experience, creating the opportunity to evolve our souls to the highest expression of love?

Say, you’re a well educated Caucasian, highly-paid, corporate executive with all the perks available to that lifestyle. Why care or be passionate towards an uneducated minority that will never even cross your path? But What if the very category looked down upon in this lifetime is the one you’ll come back to experience in the next? So, you will be able to experience and feel the prejudice and lack, instead of the superiority and abundance available to you now.

The murderer is the murdered. The abuser, the abused, the beautiful, the ugly, the gifted becomes the challenged and the man becomes the woman.  Except, rumors are that it takes a man many, many lifetimes, before he’s worthy of living as a woman. Humor aside…

What if we do keep returning until the complexities of our emotions, feelings, experiences, and subtleties merge into the source of pure love creating enough compassion to transcend and rise to a new level of understanding? That we choose to experience, the dark, the light, the shadow, the projection, the opposite, the same, the mirror of the duality to know who we are so thoroughly that we’re able to go onto the next level of existence or merge with the source.

Not everyone is born to win; some teach, some learn by example. Others are hard working or creators and no accomplishments are without some struggle. It is the strife within or without that must be dealt with for each lifetime to be successful? Some reap fulfillment. So, why wouldn’t we all be given the chance to experience the full range?

This certainly goes against the dogma of most Western religions, doesn’t it? Only who really knows for sure? Those that ‘claim’ to know so emphatically. Well, wonder about them the most.  Is their closed system of thought really a ruse concocted to control? Possibly, the truth is known in each individual heart and soul and need only to be re-awakened.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims don’t officially believe in reincarnation due to the way that the Torah is written. Spiritual : Focus to scroll.The Torah for reading in public must be written on the skin (parchment) of a clean animal, beast or fowl (comp. Lev. xi. 2 et seq.). The parchment must be prepared specially for use as a scroll, with gallnut and lime and other chemicals th Stock Photo But it’s been noted that letters were left out of words as the information was passed from master to student. Adam means one lifetime and Adom many.

Though the ages, knowledge was taught differently with discrepancy settled about the time of Christ by Rabbis who decided upon the first meaning: ‘Adam’. Despite religious tenets, millions of people do believe in past lives and use them to resolve conflicts in current ones.

Have you ever had a certain knowing that you’d been another sex, race, or lived in another country, knowing things; you’ve never been taught in this one? Have you had clear remembrances or talents   that there are no explanations for? Have you ever had an irrational, immediate like or dislike of a person, place, or thing?

What if these feelings and remembrances are from previous lifetimes and are being revealed to assist in this one? So that we can become open to the possibility that we may live many lifetimes and it is time to recognize this awareness. Could this information be harmful in anyway?

Actually, it might make us more compassionate to the plight of others. If there was a possibility that we might return to experience their circumstances and this might lift our behaviors in the world to a higher place.

Instead of fearing judgment at death – whether we’re worthy of going to heaven or to hell – we have the choice to experience as much as we choose; when to go to a higher plane of existence as we co-create these experiences with the higher realms of creation.

Spiritual : Cross Hangs in Sky over Water Stock PhotoWhat if every decision our conscious moral adjuster makes now, will create what we experience next, that we are accountable for our souls, not anyone else, especially not some organization, that giving money every Sunday to buy grace, pretending to be honest while lying, or whatever it is that we pretend that we are not, is seen by our souls and will be adjusted for eventually.

The vengeful, threatening, control dogma of most religions is naively one-dimensional compared to this exciting possibility. “Consciously” listening to emotions, intuition, and heart, following personal truth in authenticity might be the way to evolve your soul to decide who you are in relation to the source.

If you murder then eventually, you’ll feel the pain of that action. If you cheat, you’ll eventually be cheated on. If you lie, you’ll be lied to and about. If a victim, opportunities will come to reclaim power. If experiencing abundance, eventually lack will be known.

What if YOU are choosing in each moment what you experience for your soul’s purpose? The question to ask is; will you do this consciously or unconsciously, as the cause or the effect?

If we believe that we truly live forever, eventually experiencing everything we do to others, perhaps, living in love of self that extends out to others, instead of fear and judgment, might become our purpose.

Secrets About Men… by Ann                     

We all have secrets. There are secrets we should share, like “honey, we’re in financial ruin because all our stock was invested with Bernie Madoff,” and then there are the ones that we should just let lie. Here are some of the latter:

1. Earning money makes men feel valuable. In the recession, divorce rates have gone up. The money that was once an endless flow now has to be accounted for and watched carefully. People continue to cut back on luxury items – but remember, if your man loses his job, his ego will have suffered a greater blow than when a woman does. You should always know your financial health, and most especially in this economy. You need to do your part and pay attention. Eating at home more often will not only save money, it will create more quality time with your family. Turn that negative into a positive. There are some men that to protect their egos, will keep financial issues and problems to themselves and this can cause disaster.

2. Men like to fix things. There’s a difference between this and mindless chores like taking out the trash or folding laundry. Men like tasks where they can use a bit of ingenuity and muscle, like putting up a shelf or fixing the sink, which takes more skill. If your man spends a lot of time in the basement or his “workshop,” you might want to discuss a bigger project he can supervise, like an addition to the house, or even building a pond in your backyard. Men want to be the hero of whatever it is that they do.

3. Men like to drive because they don’t think women are good drivers. They feel the need to be in control, and find it puts them in a vulnerable position when we drive instead of them. If you have to pick your husband up from somewhere, offer him the chance to get behind the wheel. He’ll feel empowered and won’t be freaking out internally when you are talking on the phone at the same time as driving.

4. When you give men space, they appreciate it. Men need alone time and they need male bonding time, so let them go, and even encourage it. It will make the time you share more valued.

5. Men do look at other women, no matter how happy they are, so hopefully your man is subtle in this area. This doesn’t mean that your man is going to cheat on you or act on it with more than a smile…but it’s male nature to look. It makes them feel vital and stirs there flame and desire.

6. A man’s ego is one of the biggest secrets. They need to have it fed. They need to feel ‘good’ about whom that they are, what they do and where they are in life. There is nothing more intensely unhappy, with the ability to do harm, even abuse than a man with a fragile ego. So, if you remember this, you will be ahead of the game.


                                             Excess in Moderation

By Ann

My grandmother lived to age 97 on scotch, shrimp, cigarettes and iced coffee – rarely drinking water, except as a splash in her scotch. She joked that water would rust her pipes. Her aerobics were a bridge game twice a week and tending her roses. Occasionally, she flexed her gossip muscles, and she was always thin with a zest for life. The only time that she fainted was in the ‘50’s when she went on the new-fangled, ‘expert suggested’, vegetarian diet to lose a few. Other than that she was healthy until the day she died.

One summer holiday, she panicked noticing her grandchildren were eating watermelon and ice cream together. She warned that this combination could make us lose our minds because years ago a friend of hers had gone crazy after eating this mix and had to be put into an asylum. Hearing this story, our childish giggles rang out. But even as we laughed, we also worried that it might be true.

In my early teens, being a ballet dancer, my physical reflection in the classroom mirror became a constant critical adversary. Thin at 5’3” and 90 pounds, every meal was magnified in the mirror of my distorted body image. So, I starved myself, going days without food, until so overcome with cravings for grease and fat. I’d succumb to double orders of fries or a bag of Fritos dipped in peanut butter. This bizarre eating ritual kept my frame fragilely thin, but over time my energy to dance was diminished. My usually glowing skin became sallow and I was irritable most all the time.

Driven by a quest for solution and innate curiosity, while not only wanting to be thin, but healthy and energetic, I scoured through books and women’s magazines about everything concerning health, diet and nutrition. There wasn’t as much written on those subjects in those days.

So on my own, I tried different combinations of foods, using my body as an experimental lab. I found that if I ate only protein, the weight would drop off, but leave me with less energy. Eating mostly carbohydrates, my body stayed trim except a bit puffy, but I had more energy. After trial and error, I found my best fuel was a bit of everything with focus on lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, limiting sugar and flour with intake to match my energy out go, pretty much the same diet that my mother offered up.

Each one of us has varying needs and body chemistry. A vegetarian diet might work for one, but can be disastrous for another. And it’s possible that certain combinations of food or supplements may create the atmosphere for predisposed individuals to become allergic, physically ill, or even go “crazy.” That lady friend of my grandmother’s combining watermelon and ice cream in one afternoon could very well have triggered a unique chemical reaction in her body that affected her mind. Enough so, that her behavior was attributed to this mix which shows that our perceptions concerning food can lead to all sorts of results and misconceptions about what we should or should not eat and in what combinations.

Our current information has become more in-depth and sophisticated or has it?  Should we eat ‘expert-suggested’ amounts and combinations? Eat carbs or not? Restrict meat consumption or have more? Dairy is good or dairy is bad? Keep a daily journal about what we consume or don’t think about it at all? Count calories or cholesterol levels? Eat more complex sugars or less? Eat only raw food or cook our food thoroughly? Eat real butter or fake? Eat real sugar instead of chemical based substitutes? Take vitamins, mineral or herbal supplements, or rely that what’s needed will be supplied by eating a variety of foods? Follow the USDA’s Food Guide Pyramid or eat a triangle of pizza? Drink wine occasionally, and is it red or white that’s best, or abstain all together? Take a mysterious little pill that ‘magically’ releases fat from our systems even though a great deal of time will be spent in restrooms? Or eat anything desired and workout 24 hours a day?

Is it about what we eat or about what’s eating us? Eat a little, eat a lot, eat many small meals a day or three squares, eat certain combinations, but watch out for others lest we ‘ lose our mixed-up’ minds a bit more about what to eat? Or should we forget about it all and sit down with a big bag of chips and beer, as it’s all so conflicting, confusing and changing?

How about “Moderation in all things.” Publius Terentius Afer, 190 BC – a recommendation that’s been around for quite awhile. OR is Oscar Wilde’s suggestion best, “Moderation is a fatal thing, nothing succeeds like excess”?

Who really knows for sure, but anyone for some watermelon                
 and ice cream? 

                                            Traffic As Our Teacher

by Ann


       Brakes screech and cars speed by while drivers talk on phones and text. Comb their hair and even put on make-up as they maneuver through traffic. The consequence is stress in our cars, resulting in rage on roads, as some of us take it out on each other creating possible jeopardy for all. The way an individual drives and the civilities used or abandoned while maneuvering their vehicle tells an interesting story.

Our vehicle may be an extension of whom we are at any particular time in our life, but the way we handle it is a statement reflecting our personality, momentary mood, and most definitely our ego. People sometimes even resemble the appearance of their cars, i.e., shiny, energetic, tired, sluggish, dirty or clean with most falling somewhere in between.

                Impatient drivers, who tailgate, constantly change lanes, run red lights, and slam on their breaks as they take out on the road their feelings of powerlessness and frustration as their car becomes their weapon. Ever wonder where they’re in such a hurry to go and why’d they’d put their life and that of others at risk to get there?

Then there are the really slow drivers. The ones who’ll make you wonder if they’ll even in this lifetime ever get to where they’re going. If they can drive, seemingly without moving, how do they accomplish anything during the day? Fear and intimidation glare out through these drivers' windows.

                Next come, the drivers with LOUD music booming out of their vehicles. How sad it is to think that they need to draw attention to themselves in such a ridiculous way. Odds being, that someday, they’ll be wearing hearing aids.

Not to forget, the woman chatting on her cell phone while piloting a huge SUV on the way to pick up her children from school, as she shouts a vulgarism along with an obscene gesture to another driver who inadvertently cuts her off.  I wonder, does she use that same language when her children get into the car?  If she was at a social function or public place, would she still yell obscenities to an individual who stepped in front of her? Well, she might, but probably not.

While in our cars, some of us must think, an automatic shield of anonymity comes over us giving us the license to be rude, shout obscenities, make obscene gestures, and flash dirty looks, which lists only a few of the negative behaviors that can be seen or experienced. An extreme is the person who is so out of touch with their own emotions, they may even tote a gun ready to inflict their own pain onto others.

Why are we in some sort of competition as to who can get to or through the light first? In a different circumstance, the same people, we’re being awful to, or racing with, we might want to transact business, befriend, or impress.

Instead of letting drivers take our peace, we might smile and drive on, as they cut in front  or make obscene gestures  After all, what another does is a reflection of them and their state of mind in the moment.  Therefore, the way we react to another driver’s behavior shouts loud and clear, our emotional health in that moment. Someone else’s behavior has little or nothing to do with us. Let it only serve to show as an example of just how we don’t want to react or behave. 

Why would we want to allow someone’s driving skills or lack of,  affect our stress levels, altering the chemistry in our bodies, and health for even one moment.

Our split second reactions should be only to get out of bodily harm, not to carry the emotional reaction in our bodies as we travel away from the offender as to do so is only harming ourselves.

             How surprising and nice it is to have a fellow driver let your car in ahead of them or have a friendly smile wave you across, while trying to change lanes. The positive exchange to one another shifts our energy and is uplifting. 
How about driving to show the highest reflection of who we are at all times? The same polite social and business skills, most of us know, would serve us well if we used them while in our vehicles.

We have the ability to create a more peaceful driving experience for ourselves and others when we choose to stay in our calm center and conduct ourselves with graciousness.


 A ‘Mental Process’ to release the stress of driving or any other situation before it takes over your mind and enters your body.


 Awareness - Identify what you’re feeling - anger, frustration, hate, etc.

 Understanding - Example:  When a car pulls out in front of you forcing you to slam on your brakes, acknowledge your feelings of frustration. Then quickly become aware having the understanding that the other driver has nothing to do with you until you react. They’re not after you and you’re the one in control of your reactions. We’re all just trying to get where we’re going and all in different states of mind as we do so. The highway doesn’t need to be a war zone.

Acceptance - you have no control over the way anyone else drives.  You can only be responsible for yourself. 

  Forgiveness - let go of it, forgive yourself and the other person for their driving. Send goodwill to the other driver.  What you send out will return.

                 You may arrive at your destination a bit late but refreshed and ready to proceed in a positive manner with less wear and tear on your body, mind, and spirit.


                It’s part of the emotional flow and balance to experience all emotions. The best deal is, to as quickly as possible, release the negative energy carrying emotions and allow the positive to fill up. If you stay stuck in anger how can you feel joy? The negative carrying emotions wreck havoc with our emotional and physical health.  Staying in the positive emotions, we can feel at peace with our body, mind, and soul.


                Traffic can be a wonderful teacher, by showing us our emotional state in any given moment, an experience to enable us to raise our level of awareness to process our emotions quickly to be able to live life to the fullest in emotional well-being.






































































































































































































































































































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